So Last Weekend … [Part 2, which I guess should be the weekend before last]

Where was I? Oh yes, pretty girl, pretty picture (and pretty McLaren car that won the Canadian GP … ahem).

Well let’s start with another pretty picture – a window from the cathedral in Chartre:

I’m jumping the gun a little bit, for before we went inside, we did a circuit anticlockwise around the outside. I don’t know why. It just felt the right thing to do (Mum, did we used to do that with mandirs? Is that where I got the idea from?). So began the first of our many “homages” to great monuments … half way through, around the back we took a quick break and admired the view of Chartre, had the last of our fromage and croissant, and watched a couple with his and her dogs (big one his, small Jack Russell, hers). Our circuit complete, we went into the darkness and revelled in it’s cool magnificence. Damn!

Suitably in awe, we made a quick circuit of the town and got back onto the train to Paris with renewed vigour.

The cool thing about Paris suburban trains? They’re double decker! So instead of getting a view which goes like this: fence, fence, grass, horse, you get a view which is farm house, paddocks, farmers, old codgers breaking out a bottle of wine …

Back in Paris, we successfully purchased Paris Visite travelcards (definitely the best thing to arm yourself with – get one as soon as you arrive in Paris) and hit the Metro. First stop – Notre Dame … more on that for Wednesday, for ’tis soon bed time and tomorrow is my last day at the Evil Empire (oh rapture!).

Oh, go on then one last picture:


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