What are you doing?

I know, no Sunday Tallys or anything for a while … it’s because there has not been much to report.

I spent the last few weeks looking for work and finally hooked up with a recruitment agency that spoke the same language as me. But in a fit of desperation I stupidly accepted a short term temping gig the day following the interview. I now work for The Man and boy do I hate it for moral reasons – it’s another one of those stories I’m going to tell you to ask me about in a month’s time. Some one remind me please.

In other news, I’ve been beavering away at my writing and badgering others to do the same. I want to finish dirty creatures in the next month so I reckon if I aim to enter the Verity Bargate award at Soho theatre, that may help get a production or at the very least, workshop ready script by the end of July. I’ve also manage to wield Beginnings into a nutshell and hopefully will have a proper radio treatment ready soon.

I’ve seen hardly any shows recently (although I saw Avenue Q last night to which I can say – meh) but I’ve seen a couple of good films: Half Nelson which was brilliant, absolutely brilliant (his time it was the dialogue that blew me away, I know I will never be able to write like that) and Rang De Basanti which I enjoyed an awful lot (I still think Omkara should have been India’s Oscar entry though).

And so life continues … nothing terribly exciting … I’m still to post old reviews which I will do, but you’ll probably have to subscribe to the feed to read them as I’ll back date them on the blog, when I get the time to write them. Working for the Evil Empire is taking it out of me.


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