Daily Cereal: Bury the Cat – Ep 19.

Eddie: Hey

Nina: Oh my god, the universe must about to implode.

Eddie: I’ll hang up.

Nina: What happened?

Eddie: I really don’t want to go into it right now.

Nina: Eddie.

Eddie: Nina. I’m not about to do this over the phone all right?

Nina: Ok. Are you ok?

Eddie: Yeah. No … I don’t know. Um, I got a message from Mark.

Nina: Mark who?

Eddie: Mark Mark. Mark Dayal.

Nina: Oh Mark.

Eddie: He said something about June being missing.

Nina: Yeah I know.

Eddie: Well, what does he mean by missing?

Nina: I don’t know Eddie, look it up.

Eddie: It’s not my fault, ok? It’s not all my fault.

Nina: Yeah, I know …

Eddie: Can you come over?

Nina: Where are you?

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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