Ok, Gloves off! [updated]

You’re fucking kidding me right? Yes Mum, I know I’m swearing a lot but you will too when you read this:

US ‘wants British Pakistanis to have entry visas’

Dear US administration who thinks this is a very clever idea,

For starters, what gives you the right to create an underclass in another country by making some of their citizens apply for visas while the other ones don’t have to? Please tell me, how the hell are you going to know whether a British citizen is Pakistani or not? Are you expecting to stop people who have Pakistan as their nationality or are you in fact, just going to pull over any one who looks South Asian? And really, when you get into the wee tizz that you’ve whipped up around yourself, are you going to extend that beyond the Brits?

Just wondering.

And as a final parting shot – don’t you think you are just making things worse for yourselves, I mean, you’ve just called an entire nation and anyone who has ties to them suspected terrorists. Way to go on the diplomacy front, look at me applaud your efforts.

Update: Both the UK and US deny that any such plans will come into place. I bloody well hope so.


5 Responses to “Ok, Gloves off! [updated]”

  1. Just saw this also and had to reread it a few times as I couldn’t believe that they would even think it, let alone go public with it…

  2. PS I wonder how the USA would like it if other countries required white Americans to have special visas based on the fact that a disproportionately high number of serial killers and – ooh – the Oklahoma bomber are white Americans.

  3. Duh, I just used incorrect criminal terminology – I meant mass, not serial, killers. How embarrassing.

    And really I was just ranting on a vague illustrative point that is kind of irrelevant to the basic fact, which is that the US administration are stupid racist wankers.

  4. Oh honey, now you know that could never be …

  5. Irdial Says:

    There is a bigger picture in this, to do with the NIR, ID cards and the other sick stuff going on in the UK that most people have completely missed in their justified rage.

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