Very Partial Sunday Tally

Mostly because two Sundays have passed and I’m still catching up on theatre reviews … so to be brief.

Plays seen: 6
*deep breath in* – A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nine Hills One Valley, Satyagraha, Coriolanus, Mahabharata, When Sun and Moon Collide (which was only a reading but whatever …). Reviews to come, honest.

Films seen: 2
Singing in the Rain – *sigh*

The Lives of Others – I had a wee panic before I saw this, as I heard that the film has the scenario of authoritarian government oppression playwright, cue beads of sweat on my forehead as I contemplate throwing out the script I’ve spent the best part of two years on because the whole thing has been done. Well thank goodness, I’m safe for now, so enough about my anxieties, what about the film? Fabulous. It’s an excellent script, beautifully plotted and it’s ending was very, very good. That’s all I can tell you, you can read a synopsis elsewhere but I don’t want to spoil any of it for you. I hope my play can even be a tenth as good as this film.

Tales from flatting that I will tell you when I move out: 1
Someone remind me, please.

Plays I am working on: 3
I miss my printer.

Days I’ve missed my car: every freakin day
To hell with my carbon footprint, I’m all ready going to hell for becoming an atheist (and then for deciding that atheists can be just as zealous, bigoted and obnoxious about religion and finally for deciding to believe in Fate for at least a year to see what happens … I have many battles in my life and if you want to gain insight into me as a person or about my writing here it is: my biggest struggle in life, the thing I contemplate the most is this: my struggle with Faith. That says almost everything about me ) … anyway as I have demonstrated, I’m going to hell anyway, why not do it in style? Mmm … feel the warmth of those flames …

Stuff I promised to read and feedback to people: 2
I’m really sorry, have completed my other work so will give feed back in the next couple of days. And Rina, if you’re reading this – where’s your script? Oh, yes, I’ve told the world now …


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