Things to cheer myself up when I want to quit London

Watching Singing In The Rain on the big screen
In this case the tiny BFI Studio cinema on the Southbank. I sat there in the darkness and watched the first man I ever fell in love with – Gene Kelly as Don Lockwood (yes a fictional character and while we’re at it you may as well add Han Solo, Mal Reynolds (who is Han Solo) and Colin Firth as Mr Darcy (although, would he have been half as attractive without the gorgeous Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett?) to that list too. On the flip side I just wanted to be Darth Vader (we’re talking about the 80s here, before this prequel bollocks), Wonder Woman and er … K.I.T.T. … the car … from Knight Rider … don’t read too much into that, I’m sure if the DeLorean from Back to the Future could talk, I would’ve wanted to be that too … I’ve told you too much haven’t I?).

I fell in love all over again … and then realised in that same darkness (from where illumination came) that all of my ideals of my perfect partner stem from this character – charming (oh so charming), fallible, willing to splash in puddles. The ex was none of these (I mean that in the nicest possible way, we had Shakespeare and … er … Star Wars – gosh, I sound like a right geek now don’t I? Although, get this, I allowed myself to be tortured with multiple viewings of Attack of the Clones, I know, I did it for love … and the title of best girlfriend in the world ever … which I admit is a race which I was holding in my head and now have told all of you … hi … to redeem myself I did draw the line at high school productions of Shakespeare and, in exchange, he didn’t have to watch F1 with me).

Maybe the next fella, if there is one, will be a bit more like my cinematic love … or maybe I’ll just invest in a copy of the DVD.


4 Responses to “Things to cheer myself up when I want to quit London”

  1. Have to confess I’ve often fantasised of a first date with future love-of-life involving us ending the night by dancing in puddles, me looking fabulous in lovely black dress and sparkly jewellery *sigh*

    (oops, only the puddles bit comes from the movie – might have revealed a little too much of inner-fantasy world there)

  2. PS milkshakes in Greenwich are also a good cheerer-upper. I’m thinking tolberone tomorrow. Or maybe Snickers.

  3. […] thanks to the real (yet forever anonymous – you will never know who you are) and not so real (ok fictional) men who have revealed this to me. Whenever that day comes, I hope I meet a guy like […]

  4. […] Singing in the Rain has been there on those dark nights of the literal and soul destroying type. […]

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