Daily Cereal: Bury the Cat – Ep 9

Clare knocks on the door.

Clare: June? June? Can you see any one?

Mark is peering into the kitchen window.

Mark: Nope nothing here.

Clare: Ok, I’ll try her mobile.

Mark: Nah, don’t worry, I’ve got the spare key.

Clare: Why?

Mark: So we can get in.

Clare: No, why do you have the spare?

Mark: I don’t I just know where Jay keeps the spare?

Clare: Jay?

Mark: Yeah, so?

Clare: June never told me.

Mark shrugs, he opens the door.

Mark: Woah, this place is a wreck.

Clare: Oh, and you would … oh. Damn.

Mark: It looks like someone’s broken into the place.

Clare: Eddie’s a shit.


Hi this is June Myers. I can’t take your call right now, so leave a message after the beep unless you’re Eddie Morgan in which case you can go fuck off, die and then rot in hell … thanks for calling.

Nina: Oh … so that’s why you were … um, ok, awkward. I’ll give you a call later eh?

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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