Daily Cereal: Bury the Cat – Ep 5.

June stands at the door of her mother’s house. She takes a deep breath and opens the door. Her mum is standing right behind it.

Mum: Hi darling.

June: Woah, what are you doing there?

Mum: There’s nothing to be scared of, I’m just welcoming you home.

June: Ok.

Mum: Where’s your bag?

June: Oh, um, I didn’t bring anything.

Mum: Oh, ok. You ready for dinner?

June: Yeah. Anything I can do?

Mum: If you get the salad together, I’ll do the rest.

June: Cool.

They prepare dinner in silence.

Mum: So how was your day?

June: Ok.

Mum: Up to much?

June: Nah.

Mum: And how was your week?

June: Fine.

Mum: Is the flat ok?

June: Yup.

Mum: And Eddie?

June: Fine. Salad’s done.

Mum: Ok, just put it on the table, I’m almost ready.

June sets the salad on the table, sits down and flicks on the telly. Her mum watches her for a bit.

Mum: I’ll just, go to the …

June: Yeah that’s fine.

Her mum leaves the kitchen, walks through to the back of the house, opens the door to her room and finds her husband lying on the bed reading a book.

Dad: I can explain, I’m so close to the end, a couple more pages and then I’ll go. No wait, my keys are in the kitchen …

Mum: Doesn’t matter, I need you.

Dad: You do? Best stepdad in the world to the rescue!

Mum: Yes, yes, dial it down a bit.

Dad: So I should forget the cape and jockeys?

Mum: We’ll use them later.

Dad: Oooh.

Mum: Yeah ok … ok, ok, ok. Focus.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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