Daily Cereal: Bury the Cat – Ep 4.

Dad: I told you, I told you that something was wrong.

Mum: You have to go.

Dad: She’s going to wonder where I am.

Mum: Sweetheart, I really don’t think she’s going to care.

Dad: That bad?

Mum: I don’t know. Just this once, do you mind?

Dad: Ok but, you know, don’t tell her that all men are idiots.

Mum: Promise. Is that? That’s a taxi pulling up isn’t it?

Dad: Now what?

Mum: Yeah it’s June – out the back door.

Dad: She’ll see me.

Mum: Fine, go hide in our room for a bit, I’ll give you a signal.

Dad: Oh, I like the sound of that … sorry, will go hide.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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