10 weeks in London

The amount of time it has taken for me to get homesick, seriously pack up my bags and get on the next flight to Wellington home sick.

Stuff, stuff, stuff, public domain, so can’t go into details. Still spending NZ$ and not making GB£ – that says it all.


I bet a AroBake or a Strathmore Bakery Baguette and a lump of butter would solve all of that …

Patience, patience, patience, I know.


One Response to “10 weeks in London”

  1. The beginning of London is always suck. This is so you have the opportunity to learn life lessons, or something.

    It is also because if it started out easy, everyone would go live there. The place gets its awesome from the same place that it gets its toughness.

    Also, I submitted another easter egg when you were doing easter eggs but it never showed up. Heh.

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