Easter Eggs – Praline minis

Oh … belly.

It’s your fault.

I just said I’m busy.

And now she’s going to force feed us to death with samosas

Let’s sneak out.

We can’t … ok.

On the count of three, forget it, run!

My shoe!

Leave it!

You go, save yourself!



See ya!

No wait … hi Mashi … dinner? Why not …

© Sonal Patel, 2007

Only a couple more eggs to go, and yes I was bluffing, I’m not going to name and shame anyone for not taking part because I really don’t know who is reading this unless you tell me … so please, have a bit of a laugh, hit the comments button and write a 55 word dialogue drama loosely based on Easter. Do it under a pseudonym, give me a fake email address – get writing!


One Response to “Easter Eggs – Praline minis”

  1. You had to mention Samosas, didn’t you??? mmmm samosas…

    (not that wasn’t meant to be a play, it was a normal comment)

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