Easter Eggs – Hazelnut

Who are you?

Angel of Death, and you are … John …

Any chance you’re here on holiday?



Easter Bunny.

Oh … wait, the Easter Bunny doesn’t exist.

Not for much longer.

But he’s like Santa …

May he rest in peace.


Santa’s dead?

I’ve said too much … I better go …


Yeah … See you Satur(day) … shit …

© Sonal Patel, 2007

Daily Cereal is on a break until I get back to London so until then, Easter Eggs for everyone and from everyone! Click on the comments button and give me an Easter Egg in the form of a new script – a self contained play with only 55 words of dialogue. I know you’re reading this, so I’m expecting you to write me something! Go on, you know you want to …


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