Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 26.

Nic is in the car with his mum. Alone. Behind them, in two other cars, are the police officers, unconscious and watched over by members of the deadly Sari Assassins.

Nic: What are you going to do to me?

Mum: Send you away.

Nic: Where?

Mum: You’ve always wanted to do your O.E. right?

Nic: No, that’s Maya.

Mum: What if I pay for it?

Nic: Do I have a choice?

Mum: You’ll always have a choice darling.

Nic: Will I be able to come back?

Mum: In time.

Nic: What if I don’t go?

His mum takes a deep breath.

Nic: Don’t answer.


Mum: I’m sorry darling, I really am.

Nic: Yeah.


Nic: Do I get to pick where I go?

Mum: Of course.

Nic: And will you keep in touch?

Mum: I’ll ring you everyday. And you will come home.

Nic: When you’re ready?

Mum: No, when you’re ready.

They continue the ride in silence.

Nic’s mum spots the abandoned police car and pulls over. The cars behind her pull over too.

The women get out of the cars. They move the policemen back into the police car.

Mum: We need alcohol.

Hema: Madhu has a bottle.

Madhu: No I don’t.

Hema: Yes you do.

Madhu: You must be mistaken.

Hema: You’re always taking a swig.

Madhu: That’s medicine … for my angina …

Mum: Madhumashi, we need to use your medicine.

Madhu: Oh no, you shouldn’t share around prescriptions.

Mum: I will buy you some more.

Madhu: No … Black label?

Mum: Ok.

Madhu: Five?

Mum: Three.

Madhu: Here you go.

Madhu releases the bottle to Nic’s mum. Nic’s mum throws about some alcohol in the car and onto the officers’ clothes. She takes out her cell phone.

Hema: You could put them in a compromising sexual position, with a lady perhaps? I’d be happy to volunteer.

Mum: Mashi, this is the police, no one will find out for years.

She dials a number.

Mum: Hi there, um I’ve just come across a police car in Miramar and the policemen in it seem to be drunk. Yes, he’s at the wheel. Park Road, towards California Garden Centre. Yes. Yes. Sure thing. Thank you.

She hangs up.

Nic: Let me guess, Dominion Post?

Mum: If you want something done.

She takes what’s left in the bottle and splatters some liquid on their lips. She puts the bottle in the slightly younger police officer’s hands.

The women pile into their cars.

Mum: Betta, you go with them.

She takes his face in both her hands and plants a kiss on his forehead. She smooths his here and gives him a warm smile. She turns away, gets in her car and drives towards home.

His aunties gently guide him to a car. Belt him in and drive out of Miramar.

Is it the end? Almost, but not quite. There’s still a bit of business to go, but it will have to wait for next week.

Easter Eggs from tomorrow.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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