Sunday Tally

Another week passes …

Jobs applied for: 4 + C.V.s sent to 3 agencies
I am so very tired of looking for a job. But I am off to Birmingham this week so I’m going to enjoy the break, forget my job hunting woes and treat my return to London as a clean start (with less money obviously).

New Mandarin words/phrases learnt: 5
You, I, You are, I am, yes – I think sentences are going to be a long way off, don’t you?

Shows seen: 1
Weyreap’s Battle – Not sure how to classify this piece. I guess dance would be the most accurate description. The piece was from a small episode during the battle of Lanka (for those who are keeping score – the bit where Rama and Lakshmana are captured by Ravana’s brother)

It was a gorgeous piece to watch. The masks were stunning. especially liked the Ravana mask – a four tiered piece with a main ‘giant’ face and then eight small faces around the back of the mask and at the second tier, the third tier had a human pink face and finally a golden spike, denoting that he is a king. As the audience entered, all of the masks were lined up on an altar and the actors/dancers got ready on the stage (sewn into their costumes). Once in we were all in, an interpreter came on stage and lined up four of the forms – hero, giant, monkey and white monkey to explain some of the choreography we would see namely crying, laughing and angry (I wish that more performances did that, I’m pretty sure the audience appreciated the performances more and you could hear them react when ever they recognised a motion). A quick puja was done to the masks, each actor took thier mask and then the performance started. Gorgeous, it was just gorgeous. And more importantly the huge number of kids who were in the audience were having a ball. A little boy in front of me was at the edge of his seat the whole show (80 min) and kept looking at his mum to say cool, every now and then. Forget what I thought of the show, his reaction was the best thing about it – if he thought it was cool, then the show was cool.

Cool things that make the world brighter: 3
’70s Bowie
Lotte’s fabulous apple crumble (mmm, crumble)
Oh and booking a ticket to France in June …


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