Starting Thursday – Easter Eggs and other holiday specials

Short form stories seem to be in the air at the moment … a couple of weeks ago, The Guardian weekend supplement had a 6 word novel by various British literati – some good, some not so good. And then later that week Sepia Mutiny had the 55 Fiction.

The jump point given at Sepia Mutiny was REM’s End of the World lyrics (I have no idea if that’s the name of the song so don’t shoot me please) and from there you were to construct a short story of 55 words. I can’t do short stories or any kind of prose, poetry – I suck (Yes I know we all go through the teenage angst, listening to Nirvana (or in my case Shihad, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Oasis, Stone Temple Pilots …) and writing bad poetry. Yes, I did that, I’m pretty sure that I burned most of the evidence too). So I didn’t pay any attention to the rules and wrote the only sort of thing I am vaguely good at, a 55 word play:

What’s that Dad?
That, son, is a flaming asteroid.
Wow, it’s big.
It’s heading towards us.
Are we going to die?
Oh. Dad?
I love you. And, um, it was me who crashed the car.
I know, love you too. And son?
Yeah Dad?
I’m not your real Dad.

You get the idea? Good, because this is where you get involved … (yes I know, typical blog interactive cliche, whatever so long as you’re writing). We’re going to steal this idea and run with it (don’t you love how I’ve implicated you in my crime, this is how I will rule the world … mwa ha ha ha … er, sorry, frog in my throat …).

Every day during my Easter break I will post a self contained 55 word drama based around whatever happened to me that day or about Easter and I want you to do the same.

You don’t have to do a drama everyday (that is my stupidity to bear alone) but I do want at least one 55 words drama about something that happened during your Easter break. It can be anything based around your Easter experience – a moment at home, a conversation you overhear, something on the news and yes you can do the ‘what I did on my holiday’ drama too. Use it as your springboard and write. Any genre is fine, it doesn’t have to be real and you can use stage directions, character names outside of the word limit but, it has to be in the form of a script (film, theatre, Lepage, I really don’t mind).

And for those of you who I’ve never met but read this blog, even if you’re only stopping by after Googling ‘curry muncher’ (dude, why are you Googling that?). I don’t care if we don’t know each other personally, if you read this blog, then I want a 55 drama from you. Go on, you know you want to.

Of course there is no pressure to create flecks of Shakespearian genius, I know I’ve been churning up some awful writing of late (and posting it even though I shouldn’t) so don’t feel that you have to impress anyone.

Be brave, click on the comment section below that day’s Easter Egg and show me what you got.


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