Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 22.

Yesterday on Daily Cereal, Nic’s Mum surprised him at home and then knocked him unconscious. Do you need to know more than that?

See Nic unconscious.

See Maya and her mum carry him to the car.

See Nic in the back seat of the car (seat belt on), still unconscious, with two older Indian women on either side of him. In the front of his car is Maya and her Mum.

Maya: Mum. Mum, you know you can go faster.

Mum: I’m not going to risk it.

Maya: Mum it’s a 70 K zone, you’re doing … 65. Speed it up a little.

Mum: We’re fine.

Maya: We’re not, we’re going to get noticed.

Mum: If I go any faster Manimashi won’t be able to keep up.

Maya looks in the rear view mirror. Her Mashi waves at her. Behind her there is a small convoy of cars.

Maya: I can’t see Gangamashi’s car.

Mum: She probably stopped off for petrol, don’t worry she’ll catch up soon.

Where are all these women going? And why the short post? Ah some things will be revealed tomorrow …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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