Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 21.

In the last Daily Cereal the police officers were on a walk, Nic was on the run, and sirens were coming up behind him … come to think of it, they were beside him … No wait, they’ve gone past …

Nic looks at the police car speeding away from him … he looks back at the car he took. He shrugs his shoulders and heads back to the car. Another police car comes screaming around the corner. Nic dives in the bushes. The car continues past him.

Nic picks himself up out of the bushes. Heads towards the police car. Waits. Quickly runs to the driver’s side and drives home. He parks off Park Road a couple of streets down along from his house. He climbs out of the car.

Voice: Nikul, Nikul, is that you?

Nic freezes … shit … Nic turns … it’s his Aunt.

Nic: Hi Kaki.

Aunt: Hello betta, it’s been so long since we’ve seen you.

Nic: Yes Kaki.

Aunt: Have you forgotten me?

Nic: No Kaki, I’ve just been busy.

Aunt: Busy, yes you and Maya, always so busy.

Nic: Yes Kaki.

Aunt: When are you going to come and visit me?

Nic: Um, soon. Kaki, look I’ve actually (got to go) …

Aunt: Yes, I’m sure you have to, busy policeman like you. How’s mummy?

Nic: She’s fine Kaki, now I’ve really (got to go) …

Aunt: Has her bronchitis cleared up?

Nic: I don’t (know) …

Aunt: All that traveling she does, can’t be good for her.

Nic: I have to go. I’m really sorry but I have to go …

Nic walks away.

Aunt: Ok my big policeman-nephew, you’ll come for dinner next week yes?

But Nic has already gone. He turns the final street to his house and sees a lot of cars near his place.

They’re not police cars …

He steps onto the front door and from the living rooms comes his mother.

Mum: What have you done to my house?

Nic: Mum! When did you get home?

Mum: Why didn’t you ring me?

Nic: I … I … how did you get here so fast?

Mum: Maya managed to ring me and tell that she had been arrested, why haven’t you?

Nic: Mum, I just didn’t get around to it honest.

Mum: I’ll sort you out later. Pick up this door.

Nic: But it’s really heavy. I don’t think we’re meant to touch anything until the police (have been through).

Mum: Pick up this door.

Nic: Yes mum.

He slowly lifts up the door, his mum comes up behind him and knocks him over the head with the Jenn’s truncheon. Nic falls to the floor unconscious. Maya comes out of the kitchen.

Maya: Jeez Mum, that was a bit hard don’t you think?

Mum: It’ll be good for him.

Surprised? I certainly am! What’s going on? Find out tomorrow.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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