Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 20.

Yesterday on Daily Cereal, Nic had finally made an escape from Wrights Hill and two men of the law emerged, blinking into daylight, to find out that Nic had taken their vehicle.

Officer 2: Do what do we do now?

Officer 1: We catch a bus.

Officer 2: Can’t we just radio the station and tell them to pick us up.

Officer 1: What a good idea and while we’re at it, we’ll tell them that you keep you spare car keys in the car.

Officer 2: We’ll catch a bus then.

Officer 1: Yeah.

They walk to the bus stop.

Officer 2: He was clever wasn’t he?


Officer 2: Do you reckon we could stop for a cuppa (in town?) …

Officer 1: No.


Officer 2: It’s a bit late isn’t it?

Officer 1: No it’s not.

The bus comes around the corner and stops in front of them. They climb on board and head for the seats.

Bus Driver: Oi, pay your fare.

Officer 1: What?

Bus Driver: Fare.

Officer 2: But we’re police officers.

Bus Driver: I don’t care.

Officer 1: Pay the fare.

Officer 2: Fine.

He pulls out a $20 note.

Bus Driver: I can’t take that.

Officer 2: But I haven’t got anything smaller.

Bus Driver: Not my problem.

Officer 1: We’re policemen, we’re on duty, we don’t have a car and I’m pretty sure that we can commandeer this vehicle if we
need it.

Bus Driver: I’m going to have to check with my supervisor.

Officer 1: Keep the change then.

Bus Driver: I can’t do that, it’s against the rules.

Officer 1: Check with your supervisor then.

She does … she gets a reply back.

Bus Driver: She has to check, cos we’re an off shore private firm she doesn’t think we’re obligated.

Officer 2: For fu(ck’s).

Officer 1: How long will it take?

Bus Driver: Probably a week.

Officer 1: So are you going to take us?

Bus Driver: I can’t until we’re clear on the matter otherwise I’d be setting precedent.

The police officers get off the bus. The bus continues on it’s journey.




The slightly more senior officer starts walking down the road.

Officer 2: We’re not walking all the way to Miramar are we?

Officer 1: What do you suggest then?

Across town, Nic is crunching gears as he drives his way home.

I think I’m getting the hang of this. He sits at the lights on Wellington Road. Another police car turns up to Hataitai. The officer at the wheel waves a greeting. Nic waves back. As the car turns the driver notices something odd … the lights change and Nic quickly but not too quickly sets off towards Cobham Drive. He looks in the rear view mirror; the police car seems to have pulled over. Nic crosses lanes and takes a turn at the next lights towards Kilbirnie.

What am I doing?

He pulls over into Kemp Street and gets out of the car. He walks down the street and hears sirens. They’re coming towards him …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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