Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 19.

Previously on Daily Cereal, Nic was running away from two police officers in the pitch black of the tunnels of Wrights Hill …

Just got to keep running, just got to keep running …

And behind him …

Officer 2: You’re not a bad runner for an old fella.

Officer 1: I’m not old.

Officer 2: You’re older than me.

Officer 1: All right, stop. I’m not going to keep running around in the fucking dark.

Officer 2: Bit tiring eh? Yeah, it gets like that when you get older.

Officer 1: We’re leaving.

Officer 2: What about (the brother?) …

Officer 1: He’ll find his way out and he’ll probably go home, so we’ll just wait there.

Officer 2: Genius.

Officer 1: Thanks.

Officer 2: That’s what age and experience does you see.


Officer 1: You’re just a dick aren’t you?

Meanwhile somewhere in Wrights Hill …

Gotta keep running, just gotta keep running, just gotta …

Nic: Ow! Dammit!

Yup, another wall. Nic breathes heavily.

Someone is still coming … no wait, no, that’s just your heart and the blood rushing around your ears. Ok good. Just breathe. Good … no one there. All right well, lets try zombie again, step, step, step and is that light? Head towards the light, it’s getting lighter … a way out! Go, go, go!

Nic clambers his way out of the fortress. It’s dawn. It’s cold. There’s the police car. Nic walks up the police car. He checks behind him, he looks left, he looks right, he tries a door … It’s open. He climbs in expecting keys in the ignition … damn, not so lucky. Hmm, I wonder if I can hotwire it …

How did Han Solo hotwire the bunker in … probably not the same. Well they do go under the steering wheel on the t.v., so if I just flip over here and, it’s the keys. You’re kidding? Who hides their keys under the mat? Ok.

Nic starts up the car, crunches the gears and drives off.



The two police officers emerge from the fortress.


Officer 1: Where’s the car?

Officer 2: I don’t know.

Officer 1: Where did you park it?

Officer 2: Over there.

Officer 1: Where are your keys?

Officer 2: On me, see?

Officer 1: And where are the other keys?

Officer 2: Ah, well those, I hid in a very clever place.


Officer 1: You’re a dick.

Is Nic on a daring mission to rescue Maya? Will the mighty arm of the law come down upon him? Or will they still be stuck at Wrights Hill tomorrow? Only one way to find out …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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