Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 18.

Previously on Daily Cereal … The cops had taken Nic into one of the gun stores in Wrights Hill and were about to tell him how long he was to stay there.

Officer 1: It’s a bit complicated.


Nic: Yes?

Officer 1: Very complicated.

Nic: Yes?

Officer 1: Can’t we just leave it at that? … Ok it may be for a few months.

Nic: Months?

Officer 2: Yeah apparently we should’ve gone through the house straight away as it was a crime scene and we didn’t.

The senior officer glares at his junior.

Officer 1: What he’s trying to say is that it is better for procedure that you are here.

Officer 2: Otherwise we’d have to admit that any evidence could’ve been tampered with (because you were home all along) …

Officer 1: Oh, I think that’s the radio, gotta run.

Nic: I didn’t hear anything.

Officer 2: No, I didn’t hear anything either.

Officer 1: No you wouldn’t it’s in my ear.

Nic: There’s nothing in your ear.

The senior officer turns and runs, his junior follows and they sprint off into the darkness. Nic runs after them.

Nic: Hey wait!

Nic is surrounded by black, he can hear footsteps he runs toward them but now it sounds like they’re coming from behind him.

Officer 2: I thought this was meant to be easier.

Officer 1: It would’ve been if you kept your trap shut, where the hell are we?

Officer 2: I think we go that way.

They turn right

Officer 2: I would have said that he just arrived on the scene instead of admitting that he was still inside.

Officer 1: Well I didn’t think they’d tell me to hide him!

Officer 2: I thought they said to deal with it.

Officer 1: No they told me to hide him.

Officer 2: Nope, they definitely said deal with it.

Officer 1: No they said hide. They definitely said hide.

The running slows to a jog.

Officer 2: Um, it was deal. The Sergeant said to deal with it.

Officer 1: No, I’m sure it was … oh shit.

Officer 2: Should we turn around?

Officer 1: Yep.

They pick up into a run again and hit the wall.

Officer 1: Ow, where the fuck did that come from?

Officer 2: Um how well do you know Wright’s Hill?

Meanwhile in somewhere else in Wrights Hill, Nic is lost.

Where the hell am I? Ok stop. Get your bearings. Now let’s see … in front, blackness, behind me, well that looks like more blackness, and a quick check to the sides, yup more blackness. So from this we can deduce that it is dark.

I’ve got to get out. Ok arms up in front, step slowly, slowly, slowly and wall. Wall is good. Yes a wall is good. Ok, follow the wall, keep going and we’ve got another wall. So we’re in a corner of something. Fine follow the wall out and … no wall. Must be a door, put your hand around the wall, ah, there it is. Good work Nic, we’ll be out in no time. Wait till I tell mum about Maya, she’s going to be so mad. Stop, voices.

Officer 1: Where the hell is your torch?

Officer 2: Where’s your torch?


Officer 1: I feel like an idiot.

Officer 2: Yeah I would to if I were you.

Officer 1: Shut up will you?

Nic freezes.

Ok just stay very still. They can’t see you, they’ll probably go right by.

Officer 2: Well this is weird.

Officer 1: What?

Officer 2: The wall is a bit squidgy here.

Officer 1: Where?

Officer 2: Here. Have a feel.

Nic: Ow!

Officer 1: Sir, we found you and (there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding) …

But it is too late, Nic is already running.

Officer 1: Bugger! Follow those footsteps …

Will Nic escape Wrights Hill? Will the cops get to him first? Does anyone care? I’ll find out from the blog stats tomorrow …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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