Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 16.

Previously on Daily Cereal, regime change … oh and Nic discovers the house was empty, until he went outside and found that there were shapes and shadows talking …

The Shadow: I don’t think there’s anything there.

Nic tries to stay as still as he can possibly manage. He squeezes his eyes shut.

The Shape: Oh, for crying out … fine, come with me.

Nic hears the swish, swish of overgrown garden as footsteps come towards him. They slow down a wee bit away from him.




Nic opens one eye. Standing right in front of him are two police officers..

Nic: Hello.

Officer 1: Hello sir.

Officer 2: Would you like to tell us what you’re doing there sir?

Nic: I … was … sleeping?

Officer 2: Outside, in the wind?

Nic: Fresh air, you know, it’s a bit stuffy inside …

Officer 1: What are you doing on a crime scene sir?

Nic: Um? I live here?

The two officers look at each other.

Officer 2: Could you just wait there for a second.

Nic: Uh, yeah, sure.

They turn their backs to him. Hushed voices, vigorous hand movements, flicking of sheets. They look back at him. Officer 1 steps away and talks on his radio.


He returns and has a quick discussion with his colleague. A shrug of shoulders and they return to Nic.

Officer 1: Hello sir.

Nic: Hi.

Officer 1: Shall we step inside?

They go into the kitchen, making their way to the corridor.

Officer 2: Sorry about the mess.

Nic: Oh, um, that’s ok … Shouldn’t there be more of you here? You know police ‘don’t cross lines’, CSI, something?

Officer 2: It’s not like it is on telly sir.

Nic: Oh, ok.

They go into the living room. An officer sits on the sofa, the other stands near the bookshelf.


Nic: Would you like a cup of tea.

Officer 2: No, no I think we’re fine.


Nic: So, um, where’s Maya? My sister?

Officer 1: We’ve taken her in.

Nic: And, what happens now?

Officer 1: Well, obviously we have a process and … er …

Officer 2: Wow, is this a first edition Harry Potter?

Nic: We don’t have Harry Potter.

Officer 2: Yeah you do.

Nic: No we don’t.

Officer 2: It’s right here.

Nic: I don’t have any Harry Potter books, I think they’re shit.

Officer 2: They are not shit, they are fine pieces of literature and I’m looking at one right here.

Nic gets up.

Nic: Where?

Officer 2: Right here.

Nic: That’s not a Harry (Potter) …

The police officer hit Nic on the head and knocks him out.

Officer 1: You like Harry Potter?

Officer 2: They’re ok.

Officer 1: They’re kids’ books.

Officer 2: So? They’re brilliant.

Officer 1: They’re shit.

Hang on … the cops hit Nic? Yes. Isn’t that illegal? Sometimes yes, sometimes no … What does that mean? You’ll have to ask a judge …


So tune, log in, hit that feed update and find out what happens to Nic tomorrow.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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