Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 15.

Yesterday on Daily Cereal … well actually nothing. Not a thing. Bugger all happened yesterday on Beginnings. If you didn’t tune in yesterday, well then good on you! I wish I had missed it, minutes of my kilobytes that I am never going to get back. Right, that’s it, I’m not wasting my bandwidth – Oi, you!


You, the one who’s typing!

Who me?

Do you see anyone else typing?

Um … no?

Well then, obviously when I said “You the one who’s typing” I meant that guy over there in New Zealand wearing a red t-shirt who is reading this.

So you meant me.

Yes. There’s no easy way to tell you this, you’re fired.


You fired, go on, piss off.

You can’t fire me.

Yes I can, I just did.

But – but – but …

But – but – but what? Go mate, on yer bike.

But you’ll cease to exist.

Meet your replacement.



But they’re monkeys chained to monitors.


*snigger* Yeah right.

Yeah, I got you, it was all a joke, come here.

Ow, fuck! Where did that electric shock come from?

Me. And there’s more of that coming your way if you don’t leave now.


Go on.

Ow! Yeah, ok, ok, ok … I’m going … fine, bloody hell.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way … oh look it did. All right, newbie, come here, sit down.

Um, where am I?

There’s plenty of time to answer that later. Sit down.

I was waiting for the bus, next thing I know I hear the sound of monkeys, a sack goes over my head and I’m here.

Yes. Sit down. Fix this.




What the hell is Shape and Shadow?

I know.

And what happened to Jenn and Maya?

I know. Can you fix it?

Do I have a choice?


Could you, maybe, stop that monkey from looking at me?

Yeah, all right. You can start tomorrow if you like.

So I can go home?



On the bright side you don’t have to share the bed with the monkeys.

Oh … great …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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