A quiet Sunday Tally

Yes, sorry, not much has happened over here, this should be quick.

Movies seen: 1
Hot Fuzz – I seem to have been a touch over zealous in my review about Shaun of the Dead. This is also good but in a different way.

Plays seen: 0
But I have been buying tickets for other weeks so reviews will be coming for Tim Supple’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, a version of Venus and Adonis done with puppets and a dance/theatre production of The Mahabharata at Sadler’s Wells.

Language lessons purchased: Colloquial Mandarin
Yes, I know my new year’s resolution says Hindi, but Mandarin is a tad more urgent if I want to work as a writer in Singapore. So I’ve got a book and CD (and some help from the BBC languages website) to teach myself. So far I can say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘do you speak English?’, now that I have a book, I hope that in a few months I can say more.

Jobs applied for: 4 and 1 temping agency
According to one of my recruitment agents, the market is very slow, particularly for people like me looking for contractual work. I suspect it’s an end of financial year things where people are thinking – oh crap, we spent all of our money, quick, quick, quick, cut the marcomms budget. I overheard a conversation on the bus where two women were also complaining to each other about how difficult it’s been to find a decent job and that her agent said that April should be better.

Of course it’s possible that I just suck. It’s not like that thought hasn’t passed my mind either.

Admittedly the last six jobs I’ve applied for closed over the last week and before that I didn’t leave my bed for the flu (couldn’t even formulate a sentence let alone sell myself to employers) – I’m suffering for those lack of applications now. Hopefully one of my applications will lead to an interview … hopefully. Now I know I could go temping, but do I really spend up the precious workable 12 months on my 2 year working holiday visa which I will need if I get any of the jobs I apply for? I have savings and a good head for budgeting so I’ll hold out until after Easter and then, if there’s nothing, go temping.

Purchases: 2 DVD sets, 1 pair of boots
She says, having read the last paragraph. All on sale, the DVDs were the X-men trilogy and Aliens Quadrilogy, both cheaper than what I could get second hand from Real Groovy. The boots, and I must tell all for they are quite a steal, were £15!

Spring is here!
For we set our clocks forward last night, hooray!


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