Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 14.

Yesterday on Daily Cereal … Jenn tries to escape, Maya tries to stop here and Nic was tied to the bed. A door knocks, Jenn and Maya are downstairs, almighty crash, boom, bang, silence. Nic? Still tied to the bed.

Nic: Hello? Um, if there’s someone down there, I need some help.


Nic: Please?

There’s no reply, in fact, it seems like there’s nothing going on downstairs at all. Nic tries to peer out the door. He looks at his hand. He looks at his bed. He has a think.

He lowers his hand to the floor and using his other hand tries to lift up the bed. It’s too heavy. He lowers himself down and tries to use his shoulder. Success! He pulls his still cuffed hand free.

Rubbing his wrist, he walks to the window, sidles up to the wall and gently opens a bit to peek through …

Nic: Eh?

There’s nothing out there. Well obviously there’s something out there, trees, streets, other cars … but shouldn’t there be police cars, people, the press?

Nic flings the curtains wide open.

Nope, no one there …

He opens the window and sticks his head out.

Still no one.

Nic: That’s odd.

Nic looks down the stairs … he can’t hear anything. He slowly walks down them and sees the broken front door on the floor. The hallway is a mess with the small table knocked over, jackets on the floor.

He looks into the living room … no one there.

He goes into the kitchen and peers out the back door. Is that? It’s too hard to tell in the dark … could that be someone?

Nah, it couldn’t be.

The shape moves.

Nic slaps himself up against the wall.

Shape: Did you see that?

Shadow: What?

Shape: There, near the door.

Shape? Shadow? But where’s Jess and Maya? Could you just tell us?!

No. Sorry …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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