Hot Fuzz

I really, really liked it. Really liked it. Possibly even loved it. Although I have the advantage of having never seen the trailers and not having any expectations of the film as Lou had already told me it wasn’t as good as Shaun of the Dead. And admittedly Shaun of the Dead won me over the minute that Simon Pegg’s character picked up a cricket bat to battle zombies … well I am Indian …

I can’t remember how I felt when I first saw Shaun of the Dead, it was the start of last year, I was jetlagged, had no kitchen (because the builder had taken it over), was living in a half renovated house alone and I had been dumped by phone about 72 hours before hand. So you could say, I was very open to being distracted and a bit of a tough customer … the cricket bat came out and there was lots of violence – it was perfect.

Clearly life had got a bit better since then so the viewing conditions weren’t going to be the same. I was originally going to see Letters from Iwo Jima but it was cold and I wanted to be entertained. And hell yes, the film delivered.

I thought it was a clever film, yes I prefer the heart that Shaun of the Dead has, but this film appealed to the part of me who loves the Alien films, X-men, Star Wars (ahem, original trilogy only without fucking Hayden Christensen additions and where Han shoots first thanks), Batman, the violent bit in the Matrix (when Neo and Trinity are going through security) and well, I guess dinosaurs (but I’ve kind of grown out of that phase now) – I just liked it.

Yeah ok, I’m a geek … will go off to my little cave now … my bat cave! Hee! … yes ok, will just go this way now …


4 Responses to “Hot Fuzz”

  1. yowza! anyone who mentions shaun of the dead (and what a wonderfully awesome movie it is) that many times in one post automatically wins me over!

  2. Oh crap, I hadn’t noticed – maybe I like that film more than I realised!

  3. Oh Lord the only thing on offer where I have free tix is ghost rider. Bring on Black Sheep and Hot Fuzz!!

  4. Oh Black Sheep! And Eagle Vs. Shark!

    *sob* NOW I miss home …

    I hope they’ve both got a UK distributor.

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