Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 13.

When we were last reading Daily Cereal, Jenn was making her way down the stairs to leave the house. There was a knock at the door …

Maya keeps walking up the stairs.

Jenn: Aren’t you going to get that?

Maya: They’ll go away.

The knocking continues.

Voice: Hello, please open up.

Jenn: They know you’re here. (Speaking loudly) They know (people are in the house) …

Maya tries to muffle Jenn but Jenn is too quick for her, she steps backwards and Maya stumbles, Jenn quickly goes back into the bedroom, shuts the door in Maya’s face and puts her weight onto it. Maya starts throwing her weight on it.

Jenn: Is there are lock?

Nic: Um, yeah.

Jenn: Great where is it?

Nic: Just there underneath the door knob, you flick the lever up.

Jenn does so and steps back, Maya comes flying through the door and lands on the bed.

Nic: Oh, yeah, it doesn’t work.

Jenn takes the opportunity to get out of the room and run down the stairs. Maya gets herself off the bed and runs out the room pulling the door behind her shut.

Nic: Um hello, hello?

He can hear a scuffle downstairs, furniture breaking, loud thuds.

Jenn: Help!

He hears a loud crash and breaking glass. He hears shouting and footsteps running in. And then, and then.




Nic: Hello … I’m up here … I’m stuck … Help?




Nic: Is there someone down there?




Where did everybody go? But it was the cops wasn’t it? Isn’t there a procedure that they’re meant to follow? Are you sure it was the cops?

Ah, now you’re wondering.

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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