Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 11.

Yesterday on Daily Cereal the silence was broken …

Oh, ow, oh what happened? Mm, I don’t feel so good …

Ok who am I? Jennifer? Jenny? Jenn … yes, that sounds right. Now, where am I? I’m lying down, that’s not good. On … it’s a bit soft isn’t it? Am I on a bed? Must’ve fallen asleep … No, that doesn’t feel right. And (breathing in) this doesn’t smell like my place. Where am I?

Jenn’s eyelids flutter open.

Ok, first thoughts. I’m in a room. I’m on a bed. I’m on a floral bedspread … There are people in the room. Stay still, stay still. Take details quickly, I’m in a bedroom there’s a full length mirror, timber frame, leaning up against the wall next to a dresser, pine maybe? There are curtains, plain brown, drawn. No light coming out underneath, must be night still.

Floral and striped wall paper, cream carpet, bedside table also pine, photos. Look, quick, look, take it in, you don’t have long. Things in common, things in common, things in common. Predominantly Indian people in photos, common faces? Yes, five faces, Two males, one considerably older than the other – possible relationships, father, son, grandfather, three females –
sisters, cousins, an aunt or mum maybe? Ok so in a family home.

How did I get here? C’mon think, think, think. Work you’re way backwards. I’m on the bed, and before I got on the bed I was … I was … Work forwards, work your way forwards. I was in my car, I was … I was.

With all of the information provided, am I in danger?

Family home, I’m lying down in a bedroom, am I restrained? No, am dressed? Yes, my shoes are still on, shirt is still tucked in. Ok. Given all of the information am I safe. Maybe? How did I end up here?

Maya: Hi, hello? Are you okay?

Someone’s speaking to me.

Maya crouches down and smiles at Jenn.

One of the faces from the photo. This must be her house.

Maya: Are you ok?

She’s talking to you, answer.

Jenn: Mmnh …

What was that?

Maya: Gently, gently. You just keep still for a bit.

C’mon, speak what’s wrong with me?

Jenn: Where am I?

Maya: You’re fine, you’re in my home, here …

She helps Jenn sit up.

Maya: Gently.

Jenn: I need you to … I need you to call the police station.

Maya: Yeah of course, I didn’t know what to do.

Jenn: My head.

Maya: It’s a bit of a nasty bump I’m afraid.

Jenn: What happened?

Maya: You … you … fell over.

Jenn notices Nic at the end of the bed.

Another face from the photo, but something’s not right … what is it. Slouch, jeans, hoodie, hands … his hands … he’s handcuffed!

Jenn: Who’s he? What’s going on?

Maya: Oh god, I don’t know how to tell you this … I was going to lie but … he attacked you.

Jenn and Nic: What?

Maya: I don’t know what happened, I met you at the door, got myself locked out, he invited you in, locked me out and the next thing I know, I heard a thud.

Nic looks at Maya incredulously.

Maya: So I ran around to the back door, which was still open and found him dragging you to the living room … he made me carry you up here but while he was trying to find a way to tie you up I managed to hit him from behind and used your handcuffs to tie him to the bed. I hope you don’t mind.

Am I safe, am I safe, am I safe? Oh god, does anyone know I’m here?

Will Jenn be safe? And what’s going to happen to Nic? More tomorrow …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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