Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 10.

Previously on Daily Cereal – Nic, Maya, Policewoman.

All in a room in varying levels of consciousness.

It’s late.

It’s dark.

It’s silent.

But then a break.

A … what is it? Yes a sound … small but definitely there.

What is it? A scratch? No… it’s static. Just a flicker.

And then a bit more.

Nic jumps at the sudden noise.

A flash of static.

Maya: Did you hear that?

Yet another flash.

Maya: There it is again …

This time there’s a voice in the static … it could be … a number? Maybe Officer? And there are numbers 4 ..7 … 2 .. 9 …

Maya moves towards the bed listening.

The numbers stop and is replaced by …

Static: Jenn … Jenn, c’mon answer me.

Maya starts searching the policewoman’s body.

Static: Jenn, are you there?

Maya finds a radio.

Static: Jenn?

Maya picks it up with a bit of the duvet.

Maya: Uh … hello?

Static: Who’s this?

Maya starts to crouch to the floor.

Maya: Hello?

Static: Who is this?

Maya: Hello? Hello? Hello?

Static: Please state (your name) …

Maya: Hello?

She picks up the axe and brings it down on the radio. The radio slips.

Static: Where are you?

Maya: Hello?

She grabs the chair and smashes the radio with it.

Nic: What did you do that for?

Maya: It worked for Han Solo.

Nic: Um … different context!

Maya: God Nic, why do you have to ruin everything?

Nic: I didn’t …

Maya: I told you not to answer the door.

There is a slight movement on the bed.

Nic: I was handling it fine.

Maya: Oh yeah, fine. So smooth, you.

Nic: I would’ve been if I wasn’t lying.

Maya: About what.

A breath is taken, a slight sigh released.

Nic: About (you) …

Maya: Shh …

The policewoman begins to stir.

Nic: Oh my god.

Maya: Sit down.

The policewoman’s head move, her (Jenn’s that is) eyelids flutter …

Jenn? Yes, Jenn … what can it mean? She had no name and now she does … Significant? Maybe … log in tomorrow and see …

© Sonal Patel, 2007.


One Response to “Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 10.”

  1. Hey Sonal you rock!! I can’t wait for my Daily Cereal. Bloody inspiring that you’re gonna write this every day. Makes me feel lazy!! Love Whiti xx

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