Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 8.

When we were last on Daily Cereal, Nic was still tied up and being terrorised by his younger sister Maya, while a policewoman was still unconscious on their parent’s bed.

Maya and Nic sit in silence.

Maya is looking at Nic. He looks down at the ground unable to meet her gaze.

Maya looks at the police woman on the bed and then looks at her watch..

Maya: So, how was your day?

Nic: Sorry?

Maya: Why are you saying sorry?

Nic: I meant what.

Maya: What?

Nic: Yeah, what.

Maya: What, what?

Nic: I meant what were you saying?

Maya: How was your day?

Nic: Oh.

Maya: So …

Nic: Yes?

Maya: How was it?

Nic: Oh, um, yeah it was fine.

Maya: Oh yeah, what did you do?

Nic: Uh … nothing much. Just, stuff.

Maya: Is that it?

Nic: Yeah.

Maya: Oh.

Maya: So, how are things with you?

Nic: Well this is starting to hurt.

Maya: Well yeah obviously, but I didn’t mean right now, I meant in general.

Nic: It’s kind of hard to think generally right.

Maya: Why’s that?

Nic: Well …

Maya: Oh yeah, yeah, fair enough.

Maya: It’s kind of awkward this.

Nic: Yeah, I can imagine.

Maya: It doesn’t usually go like this …

Nic: Usually?

Maya: I’m usually very tidy about the whole thing.

Nic: Usually?

Maya: Yeah, I was just in a bit of a rush today and I’m paying for it now.

Nic: Usually?

Maya: No not usually, just this once, stupidly double booked myself … I was asking for it. Oh well … I guess I’m going to have to tell Mum, right?

Nic: Could we just get back the usually bit?

Maya: What about it?

Nic: How usual do these things happen?

Maya: Oh, I don’t know two or three times a week.

Nic: So those nights you’ve been out?

Maya: Yep.

Nic: I thought you were at the gym.

Maya: Ugh, no. Nah, don’t like gyms, I don’t need them really.

Nic: You get a good work out anyway?

Maya: Yeah.

Nic: Oh.

Maya: Well not perfect, but you know, plenty of cardio and strength resistance.

Nic: Yeah.

Maya: Yeah.

Maya: Do you want a cuppa?

Nic: Um, no thanks.

Maya: Ok.

They continue to sit in silence.

What are they waiting for? Will we ever find out? Will you bother logging in tomorrow? The answer to these questions in the next episode … maybe.

© Sonal Patel 2007


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