Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 7.

Last time on Daily Cereal … Nic, handcuffed to the bed, has hidden the police woman’s truncheon with an escape plan in mind …

Maya goes in to inspect the policewoman.

Maya: She’s not doing anything …

Nic picks up the truncheon, swings, misses Maya and hits the headboard of the bed.


Nic: Um … look what I found.

Maya smiles at him.

Maya: Here.

She offers him the axe.

Maya: Have another go.

Nic stares at the axe, frozen

Maya: Take it.


Maya: What’s the matter Nic? Is the one hand a bit of an issue? Here let me help you.

She takes Nic’s hand and makes him hold the axe, he tries to resist, but she won’t let him. He tries to put his hands behind his back but Maya is stronger than Nic. She forces him onto his knees, pulls his arm out and puts them onto the handle.

Maya: See, that wasn’t so hard?

Nic: What are you going to do to me?

Maya: Me? I wouldn’t do anything to you big brother.

She lets Nic drop the axe. He starts to sob quietly. Maya picks up the axe and truncheon and moves them to the other side of the room.

Maya: Oh don’t cry Nikulbhai, I wouldn’t hurt you, I’d never do that. Look … look, I’ve put them over here, see? And look, nothing else on me, ok?

Nic sniffs and nods.

Maya: Ok.

She opens one of the bottom drawers of the dresser. There are dozens of small tissue packs that their mum has been storing. She takes one out of the drawer, opens the pack and offers a tissue to Nic. He takes the tissue and tries to blow his nose with his wrist still handcuffed. Maya leaves the room. Nic rests his head on the side of the bed.
He can hear Maya down the stairs.

Maya: Yeah, I can’t make it anymore … Um, family crisis … Yeah … nah, no don’t worry about it, we’ll be fine … Yeah, nah, they’re ok. Yeah … yeah I will. Again, don’t worry it’ll be fine … Yeah it’ll be fine … yeah, I promise … if I need anything … absolutely … ok … ok … yep … see ya … yeah, I will … ok … ok … yep … bye … bye.

Maya reenters the room with a couple of chairs.

Maya: Here you go.

She sit’s Nic on the chair and sets up a chair for herself, near the axe. She smiles at Nic. They sit in silence.
What happens next? Will this momentary peace last? Find out tomorrow …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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