Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 6.

When we last logged in to Daily Cereal, Maya had handcuffed Nic and left him with the police woman’s body in their parent’s bedroom (if you want more detail than that then scroll down to yesterday’s episode) …

Nic contemplates his situation … he pulls at the handcuffs hoping they’ll break off.

It doesn’t work.

He then tries to see if he can slip them off his hand.

That doesn’t work either.

He looks around the room. He spies the dressing table. He sees if he can reach the drawers … it’s just out of reach … maybe if he gets down on one knee and stretches as far as he can stretch … a bit more … a little bit more.

Nic: Ow!

Nope, definitely out of reach.

What if he uses a … a … ooh, this bedside lamp, that ought to reach … yep it does! And yep, as the neck of the lamp snaps off Nic can also confirm that the lamp is a cheap piece of crap!

Nic pulls on the handcuffs again. Yep, just as he thought, good solid policing handcuffs, good to know that the police are well equipped … equipped! Of course, the keys must still be on the police woman!

Oh. Body. Ick. Ok, well, lets way up the pros and cons here. Pros … You get the keys; you get to escape; psycho killer sister has momentarily left the room – now is the time to do it. Cons … You have to rummage through the pockets of a dead woman who is still wearing said pockets which is just, ugh, icky; psycho killer sister will catch you trying to escape. She has a thing for sharp objects, now may not be a good time to encourage her … You reckon she’d kill me? Probably. I should have been nicer to her when we were kids. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Nic, as delicately as possible starts to search the police woman’s body …

Nothing in her left jacket pocket.

Nothing in her right jacket pocket.

Ok, deep breath, try not to touch anything.

Nic lifts up the jacket and tries to reach around the police woman’s belt, he removes her truncheon, and gingerly put his hand into her pockets, she moves.

Nic: Oh my god!

She’s alive and she’s starting to come around, groaning in pain.

Nic: Oh fuck.

Pros … Hooray she’s alive! Cons … Fuck, Maya is going to hear her!

Unsure what to do, he grabs a pillow and smothers her with it to drown out the noise. This brings the police woman around very quickly and she struggles against him.

Nic: Ssshhh!

Nic suddenly realises what he’s doing.

Nic: Oh, shit! Um … um … oh crap … I’m so sorry!

He knocks her unconscious again with her truncheon.

Nic: Shit, sorry, shit, shit.

He slowly moves in close to the police woman and listens for something.

Yep, she’s still breathing, thank goodness.

Maya: What are you doing?

Where the hell did she come from?

Nic: Um …

He slips the truncheon down near his leg, hoping that Maya doesn’t notice.

Nic: Nothing?

If she just moves a little closer, I might be able to get her.

Maya: Uh huh …

Maya goes to the window and peers out the closed curtains.

Not that way, this way … Ok think of something, think of a reason for her to come over here.

Maya: Well, it’s still quiet out there.

Think of something quick … think, think …

Maya turns away from the window and moves towards Nic.

Oh, good, good, she’s coming.

And on second thought, moves towards the door instead.

Shit, think quickly …

Nic: I think she’s coming around.

Yes! Brilliant!

Maya: Is she?

Come a bit closer, a bit closer.

What’s Nic’s plan? Will he be able to escape or will his internal monologue get in the way? Log in tomorrow to find out …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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