Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 3.

Previously on Daily Cereal, Nic and his hidden, knife wielding, sister Maya were at the front door …

Voice: Hello?

Nic: Coming.

Nic turns the door knob and opens the door.

Nic: Yes?

Voice: Hello sir, are you the owner of this house?

It’s a police woman.

Nic: Um, no, well yes, actually it’s my parents place but they’ve moved so I …

Maya gives him a look and mouths ‘Who is it?’ Nic shrugs at her.

Nic: How, how can I help?

Police woman: We’re just doing a routine check of the street. Since what time have you been at home?

Nic: Er … about … um .. 6.30ish

Again Maya mouths ‘Who is it’, he mouths back ‘No one’.

Police woman: Is there someone here with you?

Nic (whispering): No.

Police woman: Sorry?

Nic: No.

Police woman: Why are you whispering?

Nic: Sudden sore throat, it happens now and then.

Police woman: And does anyone else live here?

Nic: My sister does. Did. She did live here, she moved out ages ago. It just feels like a few hours ago, I miss her so much.

Police woman: Are you okay sir?

Nic: Yes, fine, I’ve just a bit of day.

Police woman: Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary this evening?

Nic: Um, no not really, not especially.

Police woman: Are you sure you’re ok sir?

Nic: Yeah, sure, why do you ask?

Police woman: You’re sweating.

Nic: Oh, well, huh, we’ve, I’ve just had a heat pump installed and it’s doing something weird right now, actually come to think of it, I’m not feeling too good, it’s a bit hot, um, do you have a card and I can, um call you later, or something.

Police woman: Er, yeah sure.

She hands over a card to Nic.

Nic: I’m feeling a bit faint, I’m going to have to shut the door now bye.

Nic collapses onto the door.

Maya: What was that?

Nic: Nothing. Nothing, just someone … selling … stuff.

Maya: It didn’t sound like nothing.

Nic: Is it hot in here, have you turned up the heat pump or something?

Maya: Who was it?

Nic: No …

Maya: Who?

Nic: The police.

Maya: I have to go.

Maya dashes upstairs and starts throwing things into a backpack.

Nic: What about the burning?

Maya: I don’t have time, you do it.

There’s another knock at the door

Maya: Leave it.

Nic: I’ll get it.

Nic opens the door, it’s the police woman.

Nic: Er …

Police woman: Hi, just wanted to make sure you hadn’t passed out.

Nic pulls himself outside and shuts the door behind him.

Nic: It’s just, you know, bit of an odd night.

Police woman: Yeah, I know how you feel. You haven’t seen anything suspicious tonight have you?

Nic: Er, no, why?

Police woman: We’ve had some odd reports in the area tonight that’s all.

Nic: Really? What sort of reports.

Police woman: I wouldn’t want to alarm you.

Nic: Huh, well, no, um everything’s fine here, just normal. I should, I should be going in.

Police woman: Ok, well if you hear anything.

Nic: Yeah, I’ll get in touch.

Police woman: Ok.

Nic: Ok, bye.

Nic turns around to open the door but he can’t.

Nic: Ah, it’s a bit of a sticky lock.

He tries again.

Nic: C’mon you bastard.

He’s locked himself out.

Nic: Argh.

Police woman: Can I help?

Suddenly the door flies open and it’s Maya with back pack and still with knife in hand.

Maya: Nic what are you …

Police woman: I thought you said there wasn’t any one home?

Maya: I just came through the back.

Police woman: When?

Maya: Now, just now.

Police woman: This very minute now?

Maya: Yes.

Police woman: Through the back?

Maya: Yes.

Police woman: Really? There’s a back entrance?

Maya: Yes, would you like to come and see it.

Police woman: Yes, please.

Maya: Step this way.

She invites the police woman and slams the door shut in Nic’s face before he can come in.

Nic: Maya? Maya!

He hears a thud from inside the house.

Just what could that thud be? Surely you can see where this is going … click in tomorrow to see if you’re right …

© Sonal Patel, 2007


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