Daily Cereal: Beginnings – Ep 1.

Welcome gentle reader, welcome. Would you like a cup of tea? Perhaps a coffee? For you in the Antipodes, a glass of juice? Yes? Well you had better go and get one then hadn’t you? I’m only a computer, I have my limitations … go on … I’m not going anywhere …

Hmm, hmm, hmmm, hmm – hmm hmm – hmm hmmmmmmm, hmm, hmm, hmmm, hmm, hmm, hmmmmm … just like me, they long to be … You’re back. Sit down, relax, come in close and read. Have you got your finger on my mouse? Well then …

Picture a house. Not very big, one story, possibly of those little wooden numbers you’d find in Miramar … yes, one of those … pick your own street, we can be interactive after all. It is night on this street, a normal, boring night in winter. Wind, always wind, but no rain – small blessings.

In the house there is a kitchen and in the kitchen a small table where a young man sits reading a newspaper. Newspaper? Yes, newspaper. But not for the news.

He sits.

He reads.

He takes a sip of a hot drink.

His name is Nic.

Nic turns over a page. Sips. Reads.

The back door opens and in the frame stands his sister, Maya, covered in blood and bearing an axe.

Maya: Hey

Nick doesn’t look up from the paper.

Nic: Hey.

She crosses the room and goes into the hallway not sure where to put her axe. Nick turns the page

Maya (from the hall): Any calls?

Nic: What?

Maya: Any calls?

Nic: Nah.

Maya goes back into the kitchen, still with axe in hand

Nic: Shut the door.

Maya: What?

Nic: You’ve left the door open.

Maya: Oh shit, sorry.

She slams the door shut

Nic: Don’t slam the … fuck!

Maya: What?

Nic: What happened to you?

Maya: What?

Nic: Your shirt?

Maya: Oh, oh this? It’s nothing.

Nic: Nothing?

Maya: Nothing. I just … I lost my jersey.

Nic: You what?

Maya: Er, yeah, my jersey, I lost it. Had it on me and then lost it … on the bus.

Nic: So that would explain …

Maya: Yeah …

Nic: The stuff that looks like blood …

Maya: No … not really …

Nic: So is it?

Maya: Blood?

Nic: Yeah.

Maya: Yeah it is. Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it looks.

Nic: It isn’t.

Maya: Well not so much for me.

Nic: Is that your …

Maya: Some of it. I think this bit here is definitely mine. I’m not so sure about this bit though.

Nic: Ok. So the axe …

Maya: What axe? Oh fuck the axe! What’s the time?

Nic: Er … 9.

Maya: Shit, shit, shit … hold onto this.

She tosses him the still bloody the axe and runs out of the kitchen up to her room

Nic: Um … Maya?

He looks down at the axe … still bloody

Nic: Argh!

And drops it.

Nic: Motherfu …

On his foot. Thankfully he only got hit by the handle.

Nic: Maya, what the fuck is going on?

Just what the fuck is going on? And do you care to find out? Click in tomorrow if you do … and by the way © Sonal Patel, 2007 except for the Carpenters song, obviously


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