Coming tomorrow to a half-arsed blog near you …

So she finally gets internet and voila – the blogging stops. Yes well, I’ve been using my web time wisely to try and find a job (unsuccessfully so far) and figure out whether I need to go to the doctor or not (I don’t, I just need to sleep and drink plenty of fluids).

But as of tomorrow, Daily Cereal will begin. What is this Daily Cereal? Well …

Pulitzer prize winning playwright, Suzan Lori Parks decided to write a play a day. 365 plays, some long, some a few lines … ‘Wow’ I thought, as I read about it online, ‘that sounds like a great idea … I’m stealing it!’

The Daily Cereal is a series for me to develop my writing (especially looking at long form, serialisations and character) and to learn about using the web as a another platform for theatre. If my first radio play is anything to go by then there are going to be a few learning curves along the way and as I’m publishing within 24 hours of the first draft (as opposed to, say, dirty creatures which is a couple of years old now and I’m only onto draft 3) then there are definitely going to be times where the writing will be plain awful – but what the hell, I’m sure I’ll get better eventually.

Lets just hope I don’t get writer’s block again …


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