Sunday Tally

Yes I’ve missed a few of these between moving countries/cities so to quickly catch up:

Jobs applied for: 1
In Canary Wharf but never heard from them … that seems to be the fashion in this country.

Shakespeares seen: 7
Ahem … Cymbeline, 1 Henry VI, 2 Henry VI, 3 Henry VI, Richard III, Antony and Cleopatra, Twelfth Night (and I haven’t had time to sit and post reviews on the last six … but for now, if you happen to be in the UK and are reading this blog – go and see Richard III – go now! Book the ticket! Go on, follow the link – it’s brilliant!)

DVDs purchased: 2
Shakespeare Wallah, Peter Brook’s King Lear

Books purchased: 2Although I think including a road atlas of Britain is probably cheating. The other was Hanif Kureshi’s The Buddha of Suburbia – £2.50 from a secondhand bookshop in Greenwich!

Days spent waiting for a broadband connection: 3

Number of times I was called an Australian: None
But I was asked if I were American.

Now to bring you back to this week…

Jobs applied for: 3
1 in London, 1 in Edinburgh and 1 in Singapore (yes, I know I’ve just arrived but this particular job does not come up very often so I had to apply). If any one has any theories on the art of the cover letter I would love to hear them …

Plays seen: 1
Rock N Roll by Tom Stoppard – I’ve managed to gain an annoying tickly cough in the last week which forced me to down 7 Indian cough pills during the show to supress my cough. So out of courtesy to my fellow audience members, the cast and my lungs, I’ve suspended my theatre visits until I can control it.

Other events attended: 1
Chola – an exhibition of South Indian religious bronzes at the Royal Academy of Arts. Beautiful and because I went on the last day of the exhibition, the soft cover catalogue of the exhibtion was reduced from 19 to 3, score!

Average time spent commuting: 1 1/2 hours each way … I think I’m spending most of my days commuting!

Days spent waiting for a broadband connection: 7 and still waiting! Grr!


One Response to “Sunday Tally”

  1. Louise Rae Says:

    My cover letter theory is to do something interesting and different that isn’t a cover letter in the traditional sense.

    But I don’t work in events.

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