And then the next day …

In the morning the day was clear but overcast, by lunch it there was sleet and at around 2pm the snow started again.

Lots of snow.

It would usually take about 30 minutes to get from Bristol St to the part of Stratford Rd where Mama lives. Tonight it took roughly 2.5 hours with a short cut. Buses couldn’t go up hills and people were abandoning cars everywhere.
Of course this was the evening that I was driving to Stratford Upon Avon to start a Henriad marathon I left the rental car place at 4.30pm but at 6pm this was the view from my rental car still on my way home to pick up my belongings:



At one point Maya (the beauty on the right) got out of the car and walk up to Jaina’s car (around 8 – 15 cars ahead of us) to figure out a plan to get out of the traffic and get home. By the time she had walked back to my car I had moved about 6 metres.

On the radio, as I drove on to Stratford, I heard that some folks were still sitting in the gridlock.


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