I’m here, I’m here, I’m here

Yes, I’m in the UK. I’ve made it. Er … now what?

I had this whole post in my head as I packed up my things on Friday and on the long, long flight over from Singapore to Birmingham via Dubai. It went something like “boo hoo me, blah blah, starting life over, blah blah, what the hell am I thinking, blah blah, existential crisis, blah blah”. But then I got here, had a shower and forgot the whole thing … oh well, I’m pretty sure it was a bit too self indulgent for public consumption … well okay, more self indulgent than usual … I do have a line …

So to quickly recap the trip: Singapore – Dubai was like flying to India. As soon as the plane touched down on the tarmac, everyone got out of their seats and started getting their things out of the overhead lockers even though the plane was still travelling down the runway, the fasten seatbelts sign was on and the air crew were trying to signal people to sit down. Once the plane had stopped, we had to climb down the stairs, climb onto a bus, climb off the bus, go into the terminal for another security check before finding the next gate. Boarded the plane to Birmingham and sat on the tarmac for a full hour while waiting for other passengers to arrive (“we’ll just give them another 15 – 20 minutes” says the pilot) and then waiting for their the luggage (“well the good news is, you’re all on board!” says the pilot “the bad news is that your luggage isn’t so we’ll wait another 15 – 20 minutes and make a call then”). Birmingham airport was fine but Immigration was slow. I managed to breeze through with absolutely no problems (in 2003 I was grilled by the immigration officer for 20 minutes) and was greeted by warm winter sun, Mama and my angel twin (I be the evil one) cousin.

My first thought: bloody hell it’s cold!


4 Responses to “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here”

  1. Yes it is very very cold.

    Now, you have a laptop yes? Well the secret to regretful blogging is to blog when the urge takes – even if (until you get broadband) it’s in a Word document. Then we can all enjoy your indulgent existential crises, which is the point of blogging afterall. Yeah? Good.

  2. Aloha Jo!

    And geez Miss Lou, you’ve been busy in the comments section – will reply by email shortly …

  3. Louise Rae Says:

    Just keeping you on your toes…

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