Yet another Sunday Tally

My penultimate week in Singapore continued in the fashion of this holiday where not a lot happened. Hey, I’m on holiday so whatever …

Jobs applied for: 0
I started an application for a job and having finally switch off the document protection on the application form, I had written everything except for my personal statement. As always I decided to read through the job description again to find my inspiration … I didn’t find anything. I just didn’t. It wasn’t the job I thought it was originally, it was even less of a job than my excellent but trying job at home. So I didn’t apply. If I’m going to have a job where I leave my heart behind at home every morning I’d rather do it through an agency where they can place me somewhere to earn some decent £s.

Job rejection letters received: 1
Not the dream job (although as I haven’t heard from them I will probably receive my rejection letter this week or maybe just nothing). Event managing job I applied for last year – don’t care really as I never recieved a job description, its terms were just very convenient.

Flats lost this week: 1
My fabulous flatmate to be found us a place and it sounded perfect and started contract negotiations … but last night we found out that our landlords can no longer hand over the place until April because of other things their end – back to the great flat hunt!

Birthdays celebrated: 1 (twice)
Jay turned 2! We had a week party at his school on Friday and went to the Zoo yesterday. He was very, very excited and after this weekend very, very tired.

Major purchases: 1
After four and a half weeks of researching Sony Ericsson and Nokia phones I finally made a decision to purchase a … Samsung E690. A hell of a lot cheaper (like $150 less than the models I was interested) than the other and with pretty much the same features and much, much slimmer (why are all of these new phones so big and heavy?).

It’s my last week in Singapore and with my family (until next Christmas I guess). Mixture of sadness, excitement and overriding thoughts of how the hell am I going to get all my luggage over there without being charged excess baggage?

Time to check Singapore Post’s website …


One Response to “Yet another Sunday Tally”

  1. Good policy on the jobs thing… *thinks about badly paid job equivalent to junior version of own old job that was about to apply for*

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