Things that make me really angry

1. Stupid, stupid, ignorance.
Air passengers travelling from Auckland to Napier get upset by some Sikh priests. Did this woman and her husband really think that these kakas (trans: uncles, because I suspect they were old men) were going to hijack their plane to Napier? Oh of course, what am I saying? Napier and their damn offensive art deco buildings, ‘cos of course Guru Nanak is against … er … architecture and um … orchards? Oh, what was that? Oh you think I’m being sarcastic, I’m so sorry but I think you’re overreacting:

… passenger David Anderson said he was concerned that security in a post-September 11 terrorist attack environment was so lax.

“There was no security screening whatsoever,” he said. “I checked in electronically. No photo ID was needed. I then boarded the plane without passing through a metal detector or having my bags x-rayed.

“This is the second time I have done this flight and it was the same the previous time.

“If this had happened in America there would have been helicopters and Swat teams and megaphones and no one would have been going to Napier in a hurry. But we do things differently down under, I guess.”

I forgot New Zealand could be such a tolerant country I mean look at the several comments in this section. I think this one is my favourite:

I think the laws in NZ are totally unacceptable. I had a similar experience in Napier at Christmas. My family and myself went on a harbour cruise on Christmas night. There was a large party of what we assumed to be Indian or similar on the boat. My son noticed on of the gentleman wearing a dagger and approached him and asked why and what it was for. This raised alarm among the other members of the Indian contingent who became somewhat aggressive at being questioned. At that stage the owner of the boat and skipper approached us and accused my son of racism and threatening to lock him in the bridge for the remainder of the trip. We expressed our concern at this gentleman being allowed to carry this dagger on his person in public. The owner informed us he had a permit and was entitled and that he had no problem with it. I subsequently made enquiries as to where one gets such a permit and found out from police headquarters in Wellington that a permit to import was available and this loosely covered the wearing of such an item. I can’t believe in this day and age, NZers are so politically correct and so afraid of offending anyone from another country that they backdown to pressure of this kind. Do New Zealanders not have the right to feel safe and secure in their own country? We need more people to voice their concerns and not be seen as one of the “politically correct” and afraid to speak out.

Indian or similar eh? This leads me to another story from my past, but I think I’ll leave that one for another day as this poster sums it up more calmly than I could:

I wonder if the accusation of ‘political correctness gone mad’ (a perennial catch-cry of the small-minded) would have been invoked had the persons in question not been ‘Indian or something similar’. At the root of this is a lack of understanding between cultures as much as a concern for security. Had the plane or boat passengers been European with, say, shearing tongs, I’m sure we wouldn’t be having this discussion today.


One Response to “Things that make me really angry”

  1. *rolls eyes*

    *mumbles about how much airport security is just for show anyway*

    *imagines the ‘political correctness gone mad’ commenter starting their next sentence with ‘I’m not racist, but…’*

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