Sunday Tally

I thought about skipping this one because very little has been done this week:

Movies seen: 1
Infernal Affairs II – the prequel to the very excellent Infernal Affairs. The Departed suddenly makes a lot of sense now as they seem to have taken all three Infernal Affairs movies and conflated them into one film. I wish I knew that earlier as I think I know how the last film of the trilogy will end up …

By the way, I enjoyed the film very much. Not as good as the original, not as exciting as the remake but very interesting character work.

Jobs applied for: technically 1
Remember how I said last week I had applied for my dream job last week – I was underestimating how long it would take me to write my personal statement (the bit in the application form where you tell them why they should employ you). How do you translate “Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!” into something eloquent like … well, I don’t know, something that makes me sound like Wonder Woman.

And that’s about it. Other highlights of the week include buying Jay his first tricycle (I think it’s going to take a while for him to learn how to pedal and steer), oh and this:

Number of mosquito/insect bites: 3

It’s been a slow week.


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