The Sunday Tally

I reckon the one way that I’ll keep this blog updated atleast once a week is to do a tally of highlights for the week. I was meant to have started last Sunday but … er … I forgot.

So to start a fresh:

Movies seen: 3
Omkara, The Departed, The Queen.

Omkara – An excellent “Bollywood” adaptation of Othello. There was a possibility that this was going to be awful (would Othello/Omkara break into song screaming in Hindi “The hankerchief!”?). No. It was excellent. Recommended as a good drama, very highly recommended as a Shakespeare on film. I have a copy (of course) if you want to see it, but you’ll have to wait ’til I get back to NZ because it’s going straight home with Mum. Aro Video should have a copy.

The Departed – I know Lou has given this an excellent review but meh … Don’t get me wrong, it was a good film. Almost great. But I just couldn’t get Infernal Affairs out of my head. I know, I know, The Departed is not meant to be a remake, more of a reimagining of the translated script (the scriptwriter has even come out and said that he hasn’t seen the original film, which is more the pity because he may have learnt a way to avoid obvious comparisions). But coming in at 2 hours something the Scorsese version lacks the elegance of the original. If you haven’t seen Infernal Affairs please do. It looks beautiful, the plotting is breath taking, the way the story makes the audience play catch up from the very beginning is mindblowing. Even with only half baked subtitles to read, the text is glorious – I wish I could write like this.

The Queen – Um … yes. Nice film. Michael Sheen was good – although I’m interested now in how that Tony Blair turned into the one we have today. That Helen Mirren is bloody marvelous isn’t she?

Shakespeares seen: 1
Omkara – see how I did that?

Times I was asked which part of Australia I’m from: 2
Both by Australians! I must be pronouncing my vowels properly.

Concerts attended: 1
Eric Clapton – He mostly played new stuff so I barely knew any of it and almost fell asleep during the concert until he started playing Layla (the old school way – it was great). Overall the musicianship was great but there were too many long guitar solos (and not by Clapton). All of the front lighting came from four follow spots out front, five guys were harnessed to the back truss and provided the back lighting with follow spots (although one didn’t work, so that fella just sat back and enjoyed the show) the rest of the trusses were filled with intelligents providing all of the ambient colour – not terribly impressive. The concert-goers themselves were interesting. A huge number of expat foreigners and some geeky fanboy guitarists with their dads (oh and for those who are wondering Clapton played the same guitar as that black and white one David has – if you’re still reading this D, I thought of how you would’ve geeked out if you had seen it). The crowd pretty much stayed in their seats busting to get up and dance but perhaps stopping themselves because they are in Singapore but then Lalya started and everyone was up on their feet and a mosh pit finally formed up the front. The gig was a short 90 min with a 1 song encore, a lot of people left feeling a little ripped off.

Dream jobs applied for: 1
Or perhaps that’s dream organisation … It’s taken me all week to decide on whether I should apply, but what the hell – reach for the stars.


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  1. And you have your copy of Infernal Affairs with you here…? Yes? Yes? (I haven’t joined a vid store yet)

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