So just what is happening in Singapore?

Well … not much. Almost nothing. The days and nights mostly revolve around my niece and nephew (5 months and almost 2 years respectively) and when they are up and about, I can’t do much on the ‘puter (tempting cables to pull you see) …

That’s not to say I’m confined to the house. No, there have been many excursions out to the many shopping malls in this town/city/country – mostly looking, not buying (don’t have the room to take it on to London anyway). And I have been able to spend a day with Jeremy (even though we’ve swapped hemispheres again) on his last day in Singapore (my first day here) and an afternoon with Jivan and Priya (where we went to The Curse of the Golden Flower. Gorgeous to look at, but very, very silly film – guys, you should have put some of that money into getting a scriptwriter).

Suffice to say, the Singapore leg of the journey is going to be a bit slow blogging wise, if you want something more than once a week then please check in again in about a month … and yes I owe a lot of people emails – will do that in the next few weeks.


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