Welcome 2007

Dear 2007,

Please don’t suck. I’m begging you. Last year was pretty traumatic for the most part so I’d very much like it if you could be nice to everyone this year … ok, I’ll be more specific: please be nice to me. I’m a nice person. I’ll even try to make some new year’s resolutions. I’ll even name them:

1. Learn Hindi – ‘cos it’s about time.
2. Go to dance classes – not sure what yet.
3. Get fit (see above).
4. Finish draft 4 and 5 of dirty creatures
5. Write a new play.

Oh and 6. Keep my blog up to date.

If I do these things would you be able to see it in your heart to give me a nice year please? Just a quiet one will do, I can make up my own fun.

Have a fabulous year yourself.

With very kind regards,

Sonal x


One Response to “Welcome 2007”

  1. Oooh! Oooh! Pick me to join 2 (and 3)…

    My 2006 was just pretty bland for the first half and exciting but tiring for the second… I’m all up for combining London resources to make 2007 more notably awesome.

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