Maupuia Masala is on the move

Finally after months of planning I’m sitting here at Auckland International waiting for my flight to Singapore… so with nothing to do for a couple of hours, I’ll just sit here and type until I run out of juice.

Flight from Wellington to Auckland was fine with no hassles at getting luggage checked through or handluggage (thanks gang!). The very awesome Emma surprised me by bringing Hannah and JP to say farewell at the airport – you guys rock, it was the perfect way to start my new life and reminding me of the awesome people back home.

I expected to be teary when I left Wellington but, aside from saying good bye to my house, it wasn’t emotional at all. Once piled into Emma’s car with my worldy possessions I didn’t have any intrepidation, or excitement and once on the plane itself, I felt free. Absolutely free. It doesn’t really matter what happens now because the journey has started. For the first time in a long time I have no commitments, no great plans and no expectations of what I am going off to.

I’m putting my life in the hands of fate and I feel fine.


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